The photographer me...

My first camera (a Zeiss Contaflex III system) didn't have a light meter; so, my Dad gave me a Gossen Sixtomat Color Finder (I was 11). I still love shooting with that camera! Dad had a professional darkroom in our house and I spent hours playing, and learning.

I slid away from shooting during the 2000s as the age of film was dead and I was pulled to the written word. Times have changed and now digital is every bit as powerful as film ever was--and Lightroom is the new Darkroom (though, I do miss the assorted darkroom aromas).​ 

Photo Credit: Robert Earnest

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I am, by all accounts, a cultural vagabond, hitching my way through the assorted jungles that cover our insignificant little planet, learning where possible, writing when compelled, imbibing when called on and, when struck on the head by a particularly nasty muse, taking photographs.